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Thursday, January 10, 2013

One Hand Up, One Hand Out

"Do you love me? Feed my sheep."
How many times has my rooster crowed?
How many times have I denied Jesus?
Sometimes He is right there staring me in the face, and I have turned the other way.
Once I was in Target getting a prescription, and an old woman in front of me was trying to get her medicine and couldn't afford it. She sat there picking and choosing which medicines she thought she could do with out. I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to help her. The total was $400. I could have paid it, but it would have left us short. I told myself there was nothing I could do. But there was. I could have paid for part of it. I could have tried.
I left the store knowing I had denied God. I had ignored Him, and it hurt.
Today I went to Target to get some homeschool supplies. Nothing I HAD to have, but stuff that I wanted. I took Big C and K with me. There was a couple wandering around the store that I kept crossing paths with. They weren't the typical looking Target shoppers. They were covered in dirt, their clothes worn and their faces dirty. They crossed my paths several times and I smiled at them. Then on my way out I saw them again. At the pharmacy counter. I stopped. In the middle of the aisle I stood with my eyes closed and said to Him, "what would you have me do?". I waited. Nothing. I heard nothing. Just a pulling. A tugging feeling that I should do something.
I got home, started doing some chores, telling my husband I was going on a spending freeze, just was sick over the spending we have been doing and can't take it anymore lalalalala...
He went to change a diaper (GOD BLESS HIM) and I slumped down on the floor. Even my Little C's contagious smile couldn't hold back my tears. 
I said "Do you love me?"
Hubby: "What?"
"Do you love me Peter?" I said. I told him story about the couple. I asked him, "How can I help without offending, what can I do, we have got to do something!"
He had a genius idea.
"Keep a $20 in an envelope in your bag. If you see a need, give them the envelope, tell them you think they dropped it and run"
And so I have decided to start a campaign.
One hand up, praising God. One hand out, loving His sheep.
Join me?
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  1. i love this. I do the same. We have to help where we can.
    Good for you mama

    1. <3 thank you. If we all did a little, it would be so much.