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Friday, January 11, 2013

We can do something, today.

I am writing this little somber post with a heart heavy for the innocents today.

It is something we don't talk about, not even in hushed whispers behind curtains.

Human trafficking. Sex tourism. Pornography. Its all related, like it or not. It always starts small.

We want to label them monsters. We can't call them human. That would mean they were somehow linked to us. But they are human. They are neighbors. Friends. Maybe even someone you love.

The worst kind of secrets are hidden in the shadows where light can't find them.

But Jesus tells us to be the light. To expose the shadows. Be the light of the world. To the dark and dying world.

Today is Human Trafficking Awareness day. There are a lot of groups out there trying to fight this sickness, this death to freedom and respect of life.

A few noteables:

Compassion International

Samaritans Purse

Hand of Hope

We can do something.

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