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Friday, February 13, 2015

Hi Put Together Mom. Meet Artsy Mom.

We have never talked you and I. We are vastly different. Our worlds are almost opposite.

You might feel loving God is order and discipline, I feel loving God is creativity and wild freedom.

If we were friends you may think I need to get it together, and I may think you need to lighten up.

I bet your house is neat. You probably fold your kids clothes and put them in drawers. I have adopted a system of unfolded laundry baskets for each child. 

We drop everything to run away for a day of hiking. With three kids under 7. In the rain. 
You probably plan vacations.

As I am writing this my kids are drawing their veins and bones on their skin with marker...I wonder if that would freak you out. But don't worry, I am sure that there are things about your world that would freak me out too.

My kids are always a little disheveled looking. Yours always look neat.
But I bet we have some things in common.

I bet you want what is best for your kids. I do too. 
I bet you are tired. Yeah. Me too.
Maybe a little lonely? Yup.
My point in all of this is you aren't right. 
I am not either. 
There is no one right way to 'be'. God made us different. He knew you would be neat and orderly. He knew I would be wild and crazy. 

We both have built in strong points, and built in weaknesses too.

But we could be friends.
Maybe you could help me organize my closet. Maybe I could teach you how to paint. I don't want to judge you, and I really hope you won't judge me.

Maybe we can let each other just be who we authentically are.

Our worlds are completely different.
But you know what? That is totally ok.
The world needs put together people. Yup. 
The world needs artsy people too.
I am sure the God that created us both is well aware of that. And hallelujah for it.

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